Further Reading

Guides – Useful when out in the field. The beginners books often show only the more common plants and so care must be taken when using them to identify plants.


Kingfisher Field Guide Series on Birds and Trees

Fitter, R., Fitter, A. & Farrer, A. (1995) Collins Pocket Guide: Grasses, Sedges, Rushes & Ferns of Britain and Northern Europe, Collins

When you want to know more:

Rose, F (1983) The Wildflower Key, Warne

Hubbard, C. E. (1992 Reprint) Grasses, Penguin

Armchair Guides

There are a number of very good armchair or coffee table guides with excellent illustrations and text of both the birds and the wildflowers of Britain and Europe. They are not very practical for use in the field but they are books that you can dip into when you sit back and reflect on what you have seen. Two books we have found useful are:

Hayman, P. & Burton, P. (1976) The Birdlife of Britain

Streeter, D. & Garrard, I. (1983) The Wildflowers of the British Isles

The librarian at your local library will be able to advise you about other suitable books and resources.

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