Spring Lane

Spring Lane Spring Lane has the character of an old banked country lane with overhanging trees. The banks on either side worn down by centuries of use, possibly for as long or longer than Sookholme Lane. Certainly, the lane existed long before Warsop Vale and Williamwood Farm. Perhaps it was the ancient route between Sookholme and Nether Langwith?




The Plants of Spring Lane

Along Spring Lane look out for scattered Bluebell in the areas of densest shade often growing among the more common Dog’s Mercury. Easily overlooked is Three-nerved Sandwort of the Chickweed family. The three veins running from one end of each leaf to the other help to identify this low-growing shade lover. Greater Stitchwort is another member of the same family but is very different in character. The bluey-green, point-ended, rough-edged leaves are not dissimilar to those of a carnation and can be seen growing in distinct patches. All members of the chickweed family have small white flowers with five petals divided at their centre to a greater or lesser extent. Greater Stitchwort can be confused with Lesser Stitchwort which is usually found in more open areas.

The Birds of Spring Lane

As you cross over Sookholme Brook on Spring Lane take the time to look along the watercourse, you may see Moorhen working along the water’s edge perhaps with young hiding in the margins.

The Hedgerows of Spring Lane

Spring Lane has the character of an old banked country lane with overhanging trees.

A recent fire has damaged one section of hedge but it is possible to see the hedgerows recovering, protected to some extent by the banks restricting access from the field sides. Further down, a large variety of trees and shrubs can be found including Buckthorn, abundant Holly, mature Ash trees and English Oak. Look out for the old laid Ash in the adjoining hedge to the west. This tree was laid as part of the hedge when young and has grown up in a large flattened Y shape as result.

Willows occurring near Sookholme Brook may have been planted or encouraged to support local basket making.